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Types of Propane

Propane is known as the cleanest burning fuel. It can be used in fireplaces, engines, and space heaters. When compared to electricity and natural gas, it is affordable, clean, and efficient. The following are the various types of propane gas currently being used around the world.

  • Propane Gas – A type of fuel first discovered in 1910, propane is a result of the refinement processes of natural gas and petroleum. It can be used in a variety of applications, from outdoor grills to heating houses. Typically contained in a tank, which is almost impossible to puncture, it is an extremely portable fuel.
  • LP - Liquid propane has all the same advantages of propane gas while being in a liquid form, although it is slightly less portable because of the increased weight. While it can be used for household appliances like fireplaces, it is quickly becoming a revolutionary alternative fuel for vehicles. LP has a high density, which means a tank of this will take you farther than an equal amount of gasoline or diesel. It also is created far less carbon dioxide and harmful greenhouse gases when burned that other popular fuels of today.
  • Green Propane – A newly developed product that has not yet been released to the public, this fuel is created out of a byproduct of bio-diesel, glycerin. With the green movement bustling forward, something has to be done with all the glycerin left over from creating bio-diesel. In the past, it is has been with dumped in rivers or burned, which releases harmful carcinogens into the air. This new glycerin-based propane is not only environmentally friendly, it will be a savior to all those who experience clogged filters that are so common when using bio-fuel in cold temperatures.

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