Garbage Collection in 44484 Zip Code
Types of Garbage Collection Services

The first step to hiring a garbage collection company is determining what services you need or want. The services vary based on what kind of waste is being collected or dumped, among other things. The following are services that are offered by companies that do trash pick up. Decide what services you need before calling potential companies.

  • Residential Service - This is a trash pick up service that is designed to haul away waste from your home. Residential service will generally pick up your garbage bin once per week on a specific day. You may be charged an additional amount for anything over one container or bin per week.
  • Commercial Service - This is a waste removal service that works with businesses or apartment complexes. You will likely have a dumpster and the trash disposal will happen one to two times per week. You may wish to combine your trash service with a neighboring business depending on the amount of waste.
  • Recycling Service - This service allows you to remain green and environmentally-friendly by separating recyclable materials into a different container. Depending on the service you may have to separate paper, plastic and scrap metal. Before you sign up for a recycling service, find out what materials they will recycle.
  • Disposal Site - Some garbage disposal companies will have a landfill site in which you can take your trash. This may be for larger items that the company refuses to pick up, or for a large quantity of waste you have obtained over the course of one week.

  • 800-424-2869
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    2700 Deforest Rd SE
    Warren, OH 44484
    1227 Niles Rd SE
    Warren, OH 44484
    3518 Niles Rd SE
    Warren, OH 44484
    1227 Niles Rd SE
    Warren, OH 44484
    1415 N Park Ave
    Warren, OH 44483
    Warren, OH 44486
    Warren, OH 44486
    Warren, OH 44486
    20 E Federal St
    Niles, OH 44446
    2509 W Market St
    Warren, OH 44485
    972 Youngstown Kingsville Rd S
    Vienna, OH 44473
    175 Ohio Ave
    Mc Donald, OH 44437
    340 State Route 305 Rd NW
    Warren, OH 44481
    Girard, OH 44420
    188 N Mecca St
    Cortland, OH 44410
    425 Po Box
    Cortland, OH 44410
    Cortland, OH 44410
    45 S Turner Rd
    Youngstown, OH 44515
    1534 Mahoning Ave
    Youngstown, OH 44509
    7591 Warren Sharon Rd
    Brookfield, OH 44403
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