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Things To Consider With Horse Carriages

Horse drawn carriages are one of the oldest known forms of transportation. One of the earliest recorded carriages was known as a chariot. Common amongst 9th century Egyptians and Europeans, it usually carried one or two people and was drawn by one or two horses. Popular during battles, it could bring fresh warriors to the battle field with relative speed. Chariots were also commonly used in arena games and competitions.

Through the centuries, carriages have been used to transport both people and products. In the 18, 19th and early 20th centuries, they were often owned by the wealthy and affluent in order to travel locally as well as farther distances in relative comfort.

Today, horse drawn carriages are used in a different fashion. From proms, to weddings, romantic rides along Central Park and pregame rallies, the carriage is far from extinct. In fact, one of the most famous carriage rides of the twentieth century was that of Prince Charles and Princess Diana as they left St. Paul's Cathedral after their wedding ceremony on July 29, 1981.

Though not as elaborate as those which royalty might own, many larger cities offer carriage rides for hire for either a flat fee, or an hourly rate. In the snowier regions of the planet, one can rent a horse drawn sleigh instead. In some cases, the carriage is still used as a primary mode of transportation due to religious beliefs or lack of a modern vehicle.

Dozens of internet websites offer carriages for sale. In instances where artisans remodel or restore antique carriages, depending upon the rarity of the pieces, the sale prices can be high.

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