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Types of Summer Camps

Sending your kids off to summer camp for the first time can be a nerve wracking experience for parents. After all, a week long, sleep-away camp is very different from an overnight visit to a neighborhood friend's house. But how can parents who maybe never spent the night a cabin themselves find an overnight camp that's right for their kids? These days, there are a wide variety of summer camps for kids and teens that focus on specific activities and interests. This can make finding a camp that both you and your children feel good about a lot easier. What follows is a list of some of the more common types of sleep-away cabin camps. And remember, just because a camp has a specialty, that doesn't mean they won't offer traditional activities like lake swimming and craft programs. Here are a few examples of the different types of summer camps for kids.

  • Performing Arts Camps - Designed to help budding actors and actresses get their start, theater camps are all about the big show. Residents and staff spend their time preparing a performance for other campers and parents.
  • Religious Camps - If you want a camps that mixes religious education with your children and teen's summer activities, this is a great solution. Nearly every religious denomination hosts a camp of some kind where residents can freely mix prayers and outdoor activities.
  • Scout Camps - Most local boy and girl organizations run their own summer camps. These camps usually focus on outdoor activities. At a scout camper, residents normally sleep in tents rather than sleeping bags.

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