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Bus Charter and Rental Services

Many people are familiar with buses as a form of public transportation. Buses take our kids to school and they transport us around the city. But buses provide many more services than just basic transportation. Some of these services are listed below.

  • Charter Bus – These are buses rented by large groups for traveling long distances who don't want to sacrifice luxury. Often they use large coach buses that have storage areas underneath and come with bathrooms on board. The seats are more comfortable than those found on public transport or school buses. Professional athlete teams, tour bands and even presidents have traveled in charter buses.
  • Tour Bus – A service geared to tourists. Usually operates in a city or park where there are a number of interesting sights. Tour buses can be modified mini buses or coaches and they often have large windows. Some even have double decks, with the uppermost deck not having a roof so that tourists can easily take pictures from any angle. The city of London is famous for it's double decker tour buses.
  • Party Bus – Like tour buses, party buses are modified mini buses or liner buses that have been fitted to be luxurious. Many come with sound and lighting systems as well as leather seats and bars. Party services are popular rentals with proms, and bachelor parties.
  • Shuttle Bus – A bus service that continuously operates between two locations. Sometimes this service is constant, like a shuttle from a hotel to an airport. Sometimes it is only for a limited time, such as a shuttle to a conference. In this case the shuttle would run from the hotel to the conference center. The benefit of using a shuttle service is that unlike regular public transportation there are not other stops along the way.

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    Dependable Bus Rental company serving clients in the 43228 area. Our charter buses are a convenient and affordable travel alternative for anyone in the 43228 area.
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