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Commonly Used Operatic Terms
Opera companies have provided theatrical entertainment for hundreds of years. From classical pieces by Mozart, Puccini and Verdi to contemporary pieces, opera has never ceased to be popular amongst the cultural elite. Opera companies consist of professional performers who stage live, seasonal productions at either a regional theater or opera house, or tour nationally. If you are interested in acquiring tickets to an operatic production, it might be best to become familiar with a few commonly used operatic terms:

Soprano: The highest of the vocal ranges for female singers. The operatic classification is the vocal range that can extend two octaves higher than middle C.

Mezzo Soprano: The middle female vocal range, typically extending from the A below middle C to two octaves above. Mezzo sopranos are thought to have a darker tone than sopranos, and are often cast in secondary parts to sopranos.

Contralto: The lowest operatic female vocal range. The contralto range lies between tenor and mezzo-soprano. Roles are not typically written specifically for contraltos, but rather for mezzo-sopranos who can dip down into the contralto range.

Tenor: The highest male vocal range within what is known as the modal register. The modal voice is what is typically used in speech. The range is between the C that is one octave below middle C and the A just above middle C.

Baritone: The most common male operatic vocal range, the baritone is between tenor and bass, and extends from the second G below middle C to the G above middle C.

Countertenor: The falsetto male vocal range roughly equivalent to the female mezzo-soprano or contralto.

Bass: The lowest vocal range.

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