Thrift Shops in 43209 Zip Code
Types of Thrift Stores

Second hand shops are popular among shoppers looking for a good bargain. They offer used clothes, furniture, and other items that are in great condition and cheap. If you are thinking about jumping onto the thrift store bandwagon, below are the type of shops you have to choose from.

  • Chain – A thrift store that is part of a organization that operates at more than one location. Some are nationwide while others have small shops scattered across only one city or state. The bargains will vary with each location, as will the level of cleanliness and the quality of the items available.
  • Local – A second hand shop that is operated by a local non-profit group such as a church, school or organization. The money raised from selling items often fund community outreach programs. Their stores are filled by donations and open to the public.
  • Independent – These consignment shops are ran by an individual or small business. While they may receive donations, most of their items are things they purchased to resale. Popular places for these shops to get items are yard sales and storage room auctions.
  • Outlet – Thrift stores that sell their items by the pound, excluding bigger things like furniture and luxury items such as jewelry. While you can get items for dirt cheap, it is also harder to find items because these shops typically have everything piled into large bins. It takes time and patience to shop at such places.
  • Specialty – A consignment shop that only offers a certain type of item or limited inventory. These are often open few hours than other stores. They are well organized, but are slow to get new items. They also have higher price tags than typical used items.

  • 586-294-6700
    Offering cheap furniture and gently used clothing in our thrift shops across the country. Select affordable shoes for gardening and seasonal home décor at the lowest prices available in our thrift stores.
    1580 Alum Creek Dr
    Columbus, OH 43209
    2527 E Main St
    Columbus, OH 43209
    666 S Nelson Rd
    Columbus, OH 43205
    3773 E Livingston Ave
    Columbus, OH 43227
    3657 E Livingston Ave Ste E
    Columbus, OH 43227
    3657 E Livingston Ave
    Columbus, OH 43227
    4618 E Broad St
    Columbus, OH 43213
    4242 Macsway Ave
    Columbus, OH 43232
    6042 E Main St
    Columbus, OH 43213
    3990 E Broad St
    Columbus, OH 43213
    4815 E Main St
    Columbus, OH 43213
    2740 Eastland Mall
    Columbus, OH 43232
    3904 E Broad St
    Columbus, OH 43213
    52 Robinwood Ave
    Columbus, OH 43213
    4101 Refugee Rd
    Columbus, OH 43232
    3606 E Main St
    Columbus, OH 43213
    5099 E Main St
    Columbus, OH 43213
    67 Great Southern Blvd
    Columbus, OH 43207
    1776 S High St
    Columbus, OH 43207
    2080 Advance Ave
    Columbus, OH 43207
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