Employment Service Employee Leasing in 41015 Zip Code
How an Employment Service Works

An employment service or employee lease company is one that provides the service of temporary jobs to other companies who need an extra workman or two. They often act as staffing placement companies and can be handy if you are looking for an immediate job, as many employment lease companies know of jobs that can start whenever you are ready. However, getting a job through an employment service is a little different from getting a traditional job. Below is a short guide on how to apply for a job with an employment service.

  • Since you will actually be working for the employment service and be on their payroll, not through whatever company you are temporarily working for though them, do research on the organization before applying. Know what fields of work they specialize in, and if popular, what rates of job compensation to expect, as well as any available benefits. Some staffing agencies may specialize in providing labor for factory work, while others may specialize in office work.
  • When you go to apply at the office, be sure to be as broad as possible with your skills so that you can find an job placement opportunity. Many companies are looking for a workman with a specific set of skills, so mention all of the skills you have gained through your work experience.
  • If you are placed in a temporary job, you will report to that work site, not to the staffing agency. Remember to keep accurate track of your work hours, as they will have to be submitted to the employment agency for verification and compensation. The length of temporary work can vary widely, from a single day to a couple of months with the same company.

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