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Types of Foreign Diplomats

There has always been large amount of public interest in foreign affairs and the jobs of foreign diplomats. Due to the ever-changing nature of geopolitics, these government or ministry representatives must represent and protect the interests of the sending state. As long as there has been foreign policy there have been diplomats, being in existence before any foreign ministry or ministerial office. Here is a brief explanation of diplomatic rank.

  • Ambassadors are the highest ranking within foreign policy. They represent the head of state and normally live within the assigned territory or country so they can become familiar with customs, languages, political affairs and culture. This allows them to be viewed as more trustworthy, thereby increasing their effectiveness. This is not the same as a consul, who works at a consulate, which is a place that represents a foreign department and national interest. A consule is subordinate to an ambassador.
  • Envoys are also high-ranking officials but are secondary to ambassadors. They have plenipotentiary powers but usually have shorter stays in the foreign country. In international parlance, most diplomats are generically called envoy.
  • ChargĂ© d'affaires is temporarily in charge in the absence of the senior ambassador or because of the removal of the senior official. This can be a planned substitution or it can occur when a government department has not established embassies or consulates in the country. Sometimes it happens when the senior ambassador is recalled because of a serious political problem. A chargĂ© can also be used to signify approval. As with all international relationships, much care is taken to ensure that the best interests of the sending state are being served.

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