Karts Motorized in 37075 Zip Code
Types of Motorized Karts

Kids and adults alike enjoy speeding around on a race track in a go kart. You can speed around an indoor or outdoor track, or just up and down your street. They’re especially fun for kids, who can control the speed and direction with simple mechanisms. Motorized karts may run on gas, or they may be battery powered. Either way, karts make great gifts for kids and adults alike. Make your own from scratch, buy a kit, or purchase one already made. Dealers that sell karts may also sell mopeds, golf carts, accessories such as helmets, and replacement parts. Many of the more serious enthusiasts may belong to a league, team, or association that meets regularly to compete with motorized karts and scooters. Here are some types of motorized karts.

  • Electric Scooter – Featuring electric power, these thin scooters are all the rage among pre-teens and teens. You can zip from place to place without exerting any manual power.
  • Go Kart – Seen at the race track and in stores, go karts come in a variety of sizes and capabilities, from high speed for thrill seekers to toddler sized for little ones. These vehicles can be battery, electric or gas powered.
  • Mobility Cart – These are typically used by the elderly or disabled. You’ll find them in grocery stores and malls, allowing the user to sit down and operate controls to move about at a comfortable rate of speed.
  • Golf Cart – Seen on the golfing range, these small vehicles go at a pretty good clip, allowing golfers to get from one tee to the next fairly quickly.
  • Pocket Bike – These look like mini motorcycles and are also called mini motos. Riders utilize a two-stroke engine to power the bike.

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