Internet Service Providers in 35757 Zip Code
Types of Connections Offered by Internet Service Providers

The internet is becoming essential for everyone to keep in touch, do business and more. The internet offers valuable access to email, offers a great tool for research and is used by many businesses today to offer a wide range of services. Internet service providers in your area will be able to hook up your home or business to the internet. There are a wide range of Internet connections available for you to choose from and might seem overwhelming, but you provider will be able to walk you through the differences between the connection types. Here are some different types of connections offered by Internet service providers or ISPs.

  • DSL – DSL uses copper wires and your telephone line to connect to the Internet. DSL does not have to dial in to the ISP to connect which makes for a relatively high speed connection.
  • Dial Up – Dial up, as the name implies, connects to a network when it dials a phone number that your ISP has provided. Dial up is the cheapest costing connection type however it is notoriously slow and limited.
  • Cable – Cable internet is connected though a cable television line. Cable is popular because it offers high speed Internet. Most ISPs offer a telephone, television and cable connection package for a fixed monthly cost.
  • Wireless – Wireless is becoming more and more popular today with the growing use of smart phones. Wireless broadband uses radio frequency to connect computers and other devices to the Internet. In order to have a wireless connection you must be in an area that can pick up on these signals from towers which is why wireless is not available in the mountains and some other areas.

  • We provide contact information for Internet Service Providers that service 35757. Providing solutions to your needs for Internet Service Providers within 35757.
    303 Williams Avenue SouthwestSte 9900
    Huntsville, AL 35801
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    383 Madison St SE
    Huntsville, AL 35801
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    154 E Tennessee St
    Florence, AL 35630
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    7027 Old Madison Pike NW Ste 100
    Huntsville, AL 35806
    930 Old Monrovia Rd NW Ste 3
    Huntsville, AL 35806
    7800 Madison Blvd
    Huntsville, AL 35806
    8 Parade St NW Ste 301
    Huntsville, AL 35806
    1500 Perimeter Pkwy NW Ste 115
    Huntsville, AL 35806
    7595 Highway 72 W
    Madison, AL 35758
    241 Business Park Blvd
    Madison, AL 35758
    1318 Putman Dr NW
    Huntsville, AL 35816
    4721 University Dr NW
    Huntsville, AL 35816
    1636 Pulaski Pike NW
    Huntsville , AL 35816
    5021 Bradford Dr NW
    Huntsville, AL 35805
    2401 10th St SW
    Huntsville, AL 35805
    2227 Drake Ave SW Ste 28
    Huntsville, AL 35805
    2047 Max Luther Dr NW
    Huntsville, AL 35810
    2401 10th St SW
    Huntsville, AL 35805
    100 Electronics Boulevard
    Huntsville , AL 35824
    2047 Max Luther Drive Northwest
    Huntsville, AL 35810
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