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Types of Ponds and Water Features for Yards

Fountains and fish ponds can be attractive additions to your home. Even aside from those, there are many aquatic fixtures to choose from. Following are popular ponds and water features and some of the supplies required to construction and maintain them.

  • Eco-ponds – Eco-ponds can include plants and animals. No special equipment or supplies are required to create an eco-pond. Unlike a fish pond, eco-ponds are setup and then allowed to develop naturally. Minimal monitoring may be needed to maintain a healthy ecosystem.
  • Fish Ponds – A fish pond, of course, contains fish. Many fish ponds house koi. Fish ponds require a filter. Monitoring of the balance of chemicals in the water is a must. These tasks can be time consuming, especially if the fish pond is very large. Also, these ponds should have about two gallons of water for each fish present.
  • Water Gardens – The focal point of a water garden is the plants. Running water helps prevent unwanted algae buildup. The chemical balance of water gardens does not have to be as closely watched, but it can be difficult to determine the ideal number of plants.
  • Water Features – A water feature for a yard can be one of a few different things. Fountains are especially popular since they do not take up much space, but they do require a moderate amount of water and a pump system. A hill and a pump or water pipes are needed for pondless waterfalls. However, these features do provide the soothing sound of running water without the upkeep of a pond or a water garden. Backyard brooks need lots of space, but they do not require deep water or filtration systems.

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