Kerosene in 34652 Zip Code
Types of Kerosene Products

Kerosene is a crucial energy component to many systems, such as furnaces and lanterns. Distilled from petroleum oil, this common type of fuel is used for heating and cooking. Camping enthusiasts know kerosene well, as it lights lamps and lanterns, plus fuels portable grills. Known as paraffin in other countries, kerosene is ideal for burning in furnaces to heat a home or other building. Dealers that sell kerosene may also sell related products, such as crude oil, propane gas, high-octane gas, and diesel fuel for trucks. When making a fuel choice, consider these types of products that use kerosene, as opposed to electric power.

  • Jet Engine – These types of commercial grade engines, particularly military jet engines, use a combination of kerosene and gasoline. This jet fuel also powers rockets.
  • Grill – Particularly for small, portable grills, kerosene and propane are common grill heating sources. They come in small cans, perfect for on-the-go tailgating and outdoor camping trips.
  • Portable Heater – If you’re into campfires and ghost stories but can’t stand the cool weather that night time brings, use a portable, stand-alone heater fueled by kerosene gas.
  • Lamp – Lamps and lanterns are fueled by kerosene or lamp oil. Also known as barn lanterns or hurricane lanterns, a flat wick lamp is perfect for outdoor use.
  • Stove – When the electricity goes out, you’ll be glad you have a gas stove to cook and heat your food, available in two types: wick and pressure.
  • Furnace – Home heating furnaces and forced air kerosene heaters force heated air throughout a room, manufactured with heavy duty grade components featuring different power and safety configurations. A steady source of kerosene and petroleum is needed to fuel high heat levels, especially in industrial applications.

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