Dancers Apparel & Supplies in 34491 Zip Code
Types of Dancers Apparel and Supplies

Dance is a hobby and sport loved by all ages. Each form of dance requires specific apparel and supplies especially at competitive levels. The first thing a person needs to become a dancer is the desire, however some shows, events and recitals will require specialty clothing, shoes and more. Here are some different types of dancer apparel and supplies for the dancer in your life.

  • Leotard – Leotards are the basic outfit for dancers and people in gymnastics. They are similar to a swimsuit but made from slightly hardier material such as velvet. Dancers wear leotards allow them to have a free range of movement and the ability to watch their technique in the mirror.
  • Shoes – There are different shoes which dancers wears for different specialties. Ballet shoes are very light and airy like small slippers. The more advanced ballerinas also wear pointe shoes which have a hard base toe so ballerinas can dance up high on their tip toes. Jazz and hip hop shoes have a thick strong sole for jumping and leaps.
  • Tutu – The tutu is the classic ballet apparel. Tutus are made from stiff materials such as tulle, organza or muslin. The tutu jet poofs straight out at the hips which makes a dancers’ twirling all the more beautiful.
  • Costume – Dancers are often in shows, performance and plays which require costumes to look like certain characters or from a particular era. Other supplies include makeup, earrings and more.
  • Warm-up – Dancers also need warm-up clothing made from a lightweight material which the dancer can stretch and run in. These are usually made up of a jacket or sweater and pants.

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