Doll Houses & Accessories in 34208 Zip Code
Types of Doll Houses and Accessories

Doll houses are adored by many and are a great family toy or collectible. Doll houses today come with much more than then some miniature furniture. Some are far more elaborate, stylized after different architectural periods and complete with tiny dolls for playing, clothing and much more. All these accessories turn a basic doll house into a game which can be enjoyed for hours. Little girls and boys enjoy playing make-believe and letting their imaginations run wild while some adults enjoy collecting the beautiful little homes. Doll houses can be specially hand made by a professional or assembled from a kit. Here are some different types of doll houses and accessories available for you and your children’s enjoyment.

  • Antique Doll Houses – Antique doll houses are very old and often only available from specialty antique shops. Doll houses have been built and played with for generations. And antique doll house will feature unique design and many memories from years of enjoyment with a different family. Some antique doll houses are collector’s pieces and meant only for display.
  • Furnishings – Accessories you can purchase for your doll house include furnishings. Curtains, hardware such as door knobs and more, lights, miniature kitchen appliances and more are popular furnishings. These can be purchased new or used. Furnishings are made from different materials including plastics, paper and fabric. Some furnishings are a choking hazard for young children and parents should take care to check all pieces are safe before letting their children play with the toys.
  • Furniture – Miniature furniture is a favorite collectible item for enthusiasts. Some furniture is highly intricate, hand crafted with time and care. Wood, porcelain and other materials can be used to make furniture. Doll house kits typically come complete with a few pieces of furniture.

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