Archery Ranges in 33541 Zip Code
Types of Archery Ranges

Archery is the skill of firing arrows across a distance with the use of a bow. While archery was first developed as a way to hunt and fight in combat, it has now turned into a recreational activity. Some people who are proficient in archery still hunt game with this equipment. This type of archery is called bow hunting. Individuals will stalk their prey in a field and must follow certain rules to ensure the hunting remains humane. Others enjoy archery as a sport. This is when individuals go to a range and stand a certain distance away from a target. Their goal is to hit a bulls eye. An archery range will give archers a chance to shoot and practice this craft indoors and outdoors. Specialized shops are also available that will sell products and accessories. These will include bows, arrows, sights and quivers. Local clubs may also give lessons that can help archers improve their shooting skills and techniques.

  • Quiver - A quiver is a container for arrows. It is slung across the shooters shoulder, usually carried behind them like a backpack, for easy access for their arrows.
  • Crossbow - A crossbow is a high tech bow that allows archers to hit a target more accurately and further away. These bows may be made of a composite material and customized to fit an individual.
  • Traditional Archery - Traditional archery is the use of wooden bows and arrows for sport and game. It's not very often to see this form of archery still practiced and it is more likely to see this form at a fair as a game.
  • Recurve Bow - A recurve bow has a design that features tips that curve away from an archer. Because of its shape it can hold more energy and have more power when ti releases.

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