Meat Brokers in 33417 Zip Code
Types of Meat Brokers

Food has always been a necessity, but for many people food is also a career. From the historical times of when tools were invented, anything that ran, flew or swam became a dinner possibility. Over time, agriculture, farming and storage have allowed us to become more refined. Food has become a dominant force in the economy. Today many people make a living off of the sale and distribution of beef, mutton and venison. We can choose what grasses our herds are fed. Our chickens can reside in coops, moving enclosures that vary their environment, or they can roam freely in the grass. We also have the FDA to insure animals are fed properly so that raw red meat is safe to cook. And brokers distribute food, fresh or frozen, in stores or the mail all over the world. But there are still endless possibilities. Distributors now offer lion, yak, and ostrich meat along with traditional favorites of sirloin steak, ham, and veal.

  • Mail Order Broker - Most are online today, but many still advertise in magazines and go door-to-door. They distribute a few months supply of steaks, pork or lamb.
  • Specialty - Similar to the mail order broker, these stock smaller quantities of more specialized items. The more common brokers distribute organic or grass fed meat and free range chicken. The more exotic specialists are where you would find wild boar, alligator, or emu.
  • Wholesalers - These supply supermarkets and regional meat markets. Meat markets themselves are wholesalers which provider to smaller butchers. All of these groups have developed an online presence to facilitate distribution.
  • Local Butcher - Corner butcher shops have provided our protein for hundreds of years. After all, they offer fresh meat that is cut to your specifications. If you want it boneless, it is done immediately.

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