Linens Wholesale in 33415 Zip Code
Types of Wholesale Linens

It's easy to forget how much of a role linen items play in the service economy. Anytime you've slept on a hotel bed, used a motel shower after a bath or eaten on a tablecloth at a hotel, though, you've been involved in the wholesale linen industry. There are linen wholesales that specialize in everything from fabric to the sheet that covers a hotel mattress.

  • Hotel Linen Wholesalers - The hotel industry requires sheets, towels, blankets, and other textile products. Imagine a bed with just a mattress! Imagine a bath with no towels! Wholesalers provide the items to luxury resorts and cheap motels alike. The nicer hotels will spend a great deal of money on perfect linens, while the cheap ones will most likely buy inexpensive linens in bulk or even use surplus linens.
  • Food Linen Wholesalers - Fine dining restaurants will need a cloth napkin that matches the tablecloth. In some cases, linen wholesalers will embroider logos or phrases in color that complements the fabric used. In addition, restaurants need towel and cleaning items in bulk.
  • Event Linen Wholesalers - Wholesale linen manufacturers provide fabric, textiles, napkins, and more to event planners and banquet halls. A wedding or a party requires linens to be a success, and a wholesaler specializing in this area will ensure that an event is successful. Often, they will embroider or sew memorable statements and well wishes right into the cloth!

    Linen is something so common, we often overlook its importance. All it takes, though, is for us to need a towel or a sheet and not have one, and we'll remember how important it is.

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