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Types of Fabric Commonly Available at Fabric Shops

Many people know what flannel or corduroy is, but there are countless types of fabric and many of them overlap in their compositions and qualities. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the variety at fabric shops. Whether you are an avid sewer or just a beginner quilter, following are some common fabrics that will be available at most shops.

  • Acrylic – Acrylic is a man-made fabric that feels a lot like wool. Unlike wool, acrylic is not prone to shrinking and is easily washed and dried in machines.
  • Brocade – Brocade is a heavier fabric that can be made from materials like silk or rayon. This fabric has a slightly raised pattern, usually featuring flowers. Brocade is commonly used for upholstery and other home decoration items.
  • Chiffon – Chiffon is light, sheer, and a bit bumpy. It is often used for women’s fashion scarves and formal dresses. Chiffon must be sewn carefully because of its delicate weave.
  • Damask – Damask can be made of numerous materials. It possesses a very basic and usually reversible pattern. Given the durability of damask, it is popular for upholstery and other furnishings.
  • Muslin – Muslin is a simple, sheer fabric that is popular for blankets and quilt backs.
  • Nylon – Nylon is sturdy and springy. It dries fast and resists many chemicals and scuffs, so it is often blended with cotton to offer benefits of both materials. Spandex is a similar, even stretchier option. Lycra is a specific brand of spandex.
  • Rayon – Rayon is another material that is commonly blended with cotton. Rayon offers plushness and absorbency.
  • Sateen – Sateen is a predominantly cotton fabric. It is soft and strong because of its high thread count. Satin is very similar to sateen but is typically made from silk or nylon.

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    11401 NW 12th St Ste 289
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    13812 SW 152nd St
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    Miami, FL 33155
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    Miami, FL 33144
    9594 NW 41st St Ste 209
    Miami, FL 33178
    4703 SW 72nd Ave
    Miami, FL 33155
    895 SW 67th Ave
    Miami, FL 33144
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    7412 SW 48th St Ste A
    Miami, FL 33155
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    Miami, FL 33170
    7706 N Kendall Dr
    Miami, FL 33156
    2791 NW 82nd Ave
    Doral, FL 33122
    11320 Quail Roost Dr
    Miami, FL 33157
    16810 S Dixie Hwy
    Miami, FL 33157
    3081 NW 82nd Ave
    Doral, FL 33122
    15950 SW 96th Ave
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