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Types and Components of Plant Nursery Soils

Many people enjoy tending their home gardens. Whether you are planting flowers or shrubs, the correct nursery soil makes all the difference. Following is a basic outline of soil types and components for your garden.

  • Bark Mixes – This nursery soil and bark mixture allows for better drainage. Cactus and bamboo will both need a bark mix or something similar.
  • Mineral and Element Enrichment – Calcium, potassium, copper, iron, and other select elements and nutrients are necessary for proper plant and tree growth. Specific elements can be used to alter the current nutrient content of soil to accommodate certain plant types. Home gardens will often need special additions to the soil since not all dirt is good for all plants.
  • Nitrogen Combined Soil Mix – Nitrogen is added to this soil mixture through the integration of manure. Nitrogen is important to protect plant parts from unnatural hardening.
  • Potting soil – Potting soil promotes root development by increasing oxygen levels. Potting soil can be made of a variety of materials. Regardless of the material used, it should be porous and slightly acidic. Many flowers and vegetables will need potting soil before they are transferred to your garden.
  • Propagation Mix – This soil mix can contain a combination of sand, peat, and other materials to promote healthy plant development. The mixture of the propagation soil is determined by nutrient, moisture, and other needs of a specific plant or tree. Your local nursery can advise you on the best propagation mix for your plants.
  • Seed Starting Mix – An appropriate seed starting mix is important for plants and trees. The combination of peat moss, soil conditioner, and warm water encourages seeds to open up and thrive. Orchids and hydrangeas benefit greatly from proper seed starting mixes.

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