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Types of Metaphysical Supplies And Services

As many people turn to new age medicines and healing therapies, the market for metaphysical supplies and services is growing. In order to have a better, more comprehensive understanding of the metaphysical world, one must first understand what types of services and supplies are available as well as the terminology associated with the occult.

  • Candles - In Wicca, also known as witchcraft, many of the rituals and spells that are conducted utilize what is known as candle magic. The colors of the candles represent specific qualities and aid in bringing to fruition the objective of the spell.
  • Crystals - Crystals are another popular item used in new age occult circles. Witchcraft in particular utilizes the frequency at which a particular crystal vibrates in healing magic as well as in spells.
  • Reiki - Reiki is a spiritual healing therapy which uses a technique commonly called palm healing. In one form of Reiki, the palms of the practitioner are held a few centimeters above certain areas of the body of the recipient. The hands stay in this position from 3 to 5 minutes before the practitioner moves on to another part of the body.
  • Wicca - Wicca is a modern Pagan religious movement. Though there are various denominations within Wicca, most practitioners are duotheistic and worship the goddess and the god. Though that is most popular, some Wiccans practice monotheism as well as atheism. Wiccans commonly practice ceremonial magic which uses crystals, candles, stones, and other ritualistic jewelry.

    Much information about the growing metaphysical market can be found within any number of new age shops or book stores.

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