Automobile Auctions in 32218 Zip Code
How to Buy a Vehicle at an Automobile Auction

Automobile auctions are a good way to buy vehicles for a discounted price. If you bid wisely, it is possible to purchase an old car at an agreeably cheap price. Below are some pointers that will allow you to make the most of the experience.

  • Determine whether the automobile auction is open to the public. Many auctions allow the general public to attend, but others allow only licensed dealers to participate. Even if you have a dealer's license, be aware that some of these closed auctions may have further restrictions. For example, sometimes they invite only those who are involved in the manufacturing industry.
  • Find out who is running the auction. Many auctions deal with vehicles that were obtained through police seizures, and others are run by organizations involved in repossessing cars and trucks. Keep in mind that government run auctions generally do not tack on additional fees for the benefit of the auction house, while other types often do.
  • Research prices. You should know the wholesale and retail values of the cars and trucks you intend to bid on. This will help you avoid bidding too much on a used vehicle.
  • Arrive early to the auction. A reputable used car auction will allow you to inspect the vehicles before bidding begins. It is highly advisable to take advantage of this option, so arrive early to the auction to take advantage of this!
  • If you win, be prepared to pay. Auction sales are legally binding. You will be expected to pay some or all of the amount owed before you leave.
  • Inspect your vehicle immediately. The auction will usually post a list of all known defects found in a specific car or truck. Often, you have a short window of time during which you can cancel the sale if you find an unlisted defect.

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