Fire Departments in 32216 Zip Code
Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Departments
Fire departments provide emergency assistance and rescue services in the event of fire, traffic collisions and many other calamities. Here are some answers to a few frequently asked questions about the services of fire departments:

Why do fire departments respond to medical emergencies?
Most fire departments are required to have trained paramedics on hand at every emergency, so when a fire engine arrives, it arrives with paramedics. Often, a fire engine will arrive before an ambulance, so the paramedics that have accompanied the fire department can begin the life saving medical procedures immediately. Many private ambulances are under contract only to provide transportation to the emergency room, so the paramedics that have arrived with the fire department are actually providing the emergency medical services.

Why do fire trucks appear at motor vehicle collisions?
There are a great many combustible solvents in automobiles that can cause an explosion or fire, so fire engines are automatically dispatched to vehicle collisions in order to extinguish potential fires.

Why are there multiple fire engines at the scene of a small fire?
Dispatchers respond to the enormity of the fire or emergency as described to them. If the size of the fire is misrepresented, then there will often be more fire trucks on the site of the emergency than might be needed. It is better to have a surplus of fire engines on site than too few, because it is difficult and time consuming to send additional assistance if the number of respondents is insufficient.

What is the difference between volunteer fire fighters and fire fighters?
Volunteer fire fighters are not compensated for their time in the station or performing emergency response. They have other jobs, and often are called to supplement career fire fighters while they are out on a call or during training.

Fire Departments fight fires, provide rescue, and maintain safety in 32216. Local 32216 area Fire Departments professionals are available at all hours to provide public safety.
5905 Macy Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32211
5843 Commerce St
Jacksonville, FL 32211
515 N Julia St
Jacksonville, FL 32202
2700 Fire Fighter Memorial Dr
Jacksonville, FL 32246
4072 Sunbeam Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32257
7251 Salisbury Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32256
10255 Fortune Pkwy Bldg 500
Jacksonville, FL 32256
11341 Distribution Ave E
Jacksonville, FL 32256
11310 Distribution Ave W
Jacksonville, FL 32256
7251 Salisbury Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32256
921 N Davis St Bldg E
Jacksonville, FL 32209
6555 Grace Ln
Jacksonville, FL 32205
5400 Verna Blvd Ste 7
Jacksonville, FL 32205
325 2nd Ave S
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
2141 Loch Rane Blvd
Orange Park, FL 32073
212 Industrial Loop S Ste 139
Orange Park, FL 32073
1120 Sheffield Rd
Saint Johns, FL 32259
10001 Cartwheel Bay Ave
Saint Johns, FL 32259
3805 Faye Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32226
130 Canal Blvd
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
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