Fingerprinting in 30088 Zip Code
Types of Fingerprinting and Identity Checks

Fingerprinting and other methods of biometric scanning allow for individuals to be identified by their unique physical characteristics. Scanners can read a fingerprint to give security clearance or a computer can analyze DNA to catch a criminal. The following are types of security checks, like fingerprinting, used to establish an individual’s identity and history.

  • Biometric Scan – A scan that identifies a person based on physical traits that are unique to each individual. Biometric scans can include fingerprint, iris, or facial scans and voice recognition. A biometric scan is most commonly used to identify an individual for security purposes, but can also be used to identify people during criminal investigations.
  • Electronic Fingerprinting – Instead of using ink to take an individuals fingerprint, an electronic scanner and special software can be used to read a print. Electronic scanners can be used to do live fingerprint scans for security clearance purposes.
  • Fingerprint Database – A collection of fingerprints that can be searched through to find matches with fingerprints found at crime scenes or given by employees.
  • DNA – Sometimes referred to as a genetic fingerprint, DNA can be used to identify an individual for security purposes or during an investigation. Software is available that can compare DNA from two different sources to see if they match. DNA analysis of hair and bodily fluids found at crime scenes has helped forensics experts identify criminals for law enforcement.
  • Background Check – Many employers perform background checks on potential employees to check for any criminal history. They often use information like the employees name, social security number, and where they live to complete a background check. A government agency may check an employee’s fingerprints also.

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