Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco Dealers Retail in 29691 Zip Code
Types of Retail Tobacco Products

A tobacco retailer sells tobacco products like cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, and hookah to clients. Although tobacco products are widely available to consumers, a tobacco retailer sells a variety of unique and less common tobacco products, smoking devices, and accessories to their customers. The following are a few types of items available for purchase from a retail tobacco outlet.

  • Electronic Cigarette – A device that gives off a mist that simulates cigarette smoking. Electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke or the smell typically associated with smoking and are used by many people who are trying to quit smoking. They are also claimed to reduce some of the health risks of smoking.
  • Hookah - A type of water pipe for smoking tobacco that is commonly used in Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Tobacco products smoked with a hookah pipe are often flavored and fragrant. Fruit flavored hookah tobaccos are the most commonly available.
  • Humidor – A box with a controlled level of humidity in which cigars are stored. A humidor keeps cigars fresh tasting. Often, humidifier beads or pouches are placed inside a humidor to maintain its humidity at the proper level.
  • Chewing Tobacco – A form of tobacco that is placed in the mouth. The nicotine in chewing tobacco is absorbed through the skin in the mouth and the gums. Chewing tobacco comes in a few forms like loose, pouches, and plugs. Dealers sell chewing tobacco in multiple flavors and brands.
  • Accessories – Smoking accessories include things like lighters, ashtrays, cigarette cases, and cigar cutters. Tobacco dealers sell many types of smoking accessories for tobacco use.

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    All of the biggest brand names in cigarettes and cigars are available from our Cigar & Cigarette Dealers in 29691. Our Tobacco Shops also offer lights, pipes, and other smoking accessories to our clients in 29691.
    7607 Highway 76
    Pendleton, SC 29670
    6502 Calhoun Memorial Hwy
    Easley, SC 29640
    6129 Calhoun Memorial Hwy
    Easley, SC 29640
    4404 Highway 24
    Anderson, SC 29626
    3423 Highlands Rd
    Franklin, NC 28734
    1520 E Greenville St Ste E
    Anderson, SC 29621
    102 Community Park Dr Ste B
    Anderson, SC 29621
    134 N Main St
    Anderson, SC 29621
    3131 N Main St
    Anderson, SC 29621
    3403 N Highway 81
    Anderson, SC 29621
    1714 Easley Bridge Rd Ste 2
    Greenville, SC 29611
    2910 Highway 86
    Piedmont, SC 29673
    3113 White Horse Rd
    Greenville, SC 29611
    11035 Anderson Rd
    Piedmont, SC 29673
    Greenville, SC 29617
    130 Lebby St
    Pelzer, SC 29669
    20 S Main St
    Greenville, SC 29601
    23 College St
    Greenville, SC 29601
    36 S Main St
    Greenville, SC 29601
    233 N Main St
    Greenville, SC 29601
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