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Types of Wholesale Plants

If you want to start a garden or nursery, you may want to consider buying your plants wholesale. By shopping wholesale you can find many different types of edible and floral plants at great prices. Edible plants include root vegetables like carrots and parsnips. You can purchase these plants from commercial seed businesses. Berry bushes and ally plants like ferns and mosses will help round out your garden. Popular flowers include orchids and hibiscus plants. You can purchase flowers as bulbs or seeds. If you want to avoid the large seed companies, you can probably find flowers and seeds at your local farmer's market. Horticulture is a business like any other. The best deals often come from the wholesale companies. Because of the great variety among wholesale plants you should consider many different types before making a purchase for your home garden or nursery.

  • Do you want flowers or vegetables? Flowers are aesthetically pleasing and they smell nice, but you can't eat them. Certain flowers, like orchids, require expert care and can be very difficult to grow. Others, like the hibiscus, require less precision. Vegetables are generally easier to grow. They can be bought live or as seeds.
  • Are you going to grow outside or in a greenhouse? If you want to raise tropical plants outside of their natural climate, then you are going to need a greenhouse. Greenhouses are not necessarily all-season and often need to be heated.
  • Are you interested in hydroponic growing? Hydroponic plants grow in nutrient solutions rather than in the ground. You can raise a small hydroponic garden in a sunny spot on your kitchen counter. Talk to your dealer to find out which plants do best hydroponically.

    Once you decide which types of wholesale plants to purchase, you'll be ready to get your first seeds in the ground.

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