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Types of Retail Fashion Jewelry

The retail fashion jewelry industry is booming. People, especially women and teen girls, want to look stylish without breaking the bank. This leads them to seek out costume jewelry in malls, stores, boutiques, and online. Fashion jewelry, which is cheaper yet less durable and valuable than traditional gold jewelry or diamonds, reflects the latest on cutting edge styles seen on the runways. Also called costume jewelry, this category refers to anything from handmade earrings and large pearl rings to vintage necklaces and beaded Indian bracelets. Check out these typical fashion jewelry pieces you’ll find in retail shops.

  • Cubic Zirconia – As a cheap replica of a diamond, cubic zirconias, or CZs for short, imitate the appearance or the diamond yet don’t feature the high price tag. These high quality synthetic gemstones are man made. Their low cost and durability make them wise choices for fashion jewelry.
  • Vintage Jewelry – Harking back to decades past, vintage pieces allow the wearer to display styles of earlier periods. From sleek designs of the 60s to long, beaded necklaces that the flappers wore in the early part of the 20th century, vintage jewelry is fun to wear and carries a unique story.
  • Brooch – An ornament that you can attach to a shirt or sweater via a hinged pin and catch. They can be decorative in nature or understated, with a classic cameo style. They can be made from simple plastic, pearl, or more ornate crystal with intricate handmade designs.
  • Birth Stones – Pick up some jewelry featuring your birth stone, whether peridot for August or sapphire for September.

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