Sharpening Service in 28405 Zip Code
Types of Items That Require Regular Sharpening Services

Most of us can recognize a dull kitchen knife or lawnmower blade, but there are many other common household and work items that need regular sharpening. A sharp blade not only keeps the tool useful, but safer as well. Before your make your next trip to the sharpening shop, check whether these other tools around your home or business have dulled as well.

  • Chainsaw - Chainsaw blades can dull rather quickly if the tool is used frequently or you've just completed a large project at your home or business. The chain is removed from the electric or gas-fueled tool and sharpened quite cheaply.
  • Chisel - Just like your kitchen knife collection, chisels used in woodworking projects or art also require sharpening regularly. This will keep the tool working properly and safely.
  • Clippers - Electric clippers, whether used for personal trimming or for grooming your pets, will also dull with regular use and are sharpened for an affordable price
  • Axe - Keeping your axe sharp can be a challenge if you use it frequently for chopping trees and firewood. Fortunately, they can be sharpened for a nominal fee.
  • Scissors and Shears - Household scissors and barber shears need regular sharpening so they are able to maintain cutting precision. In the home, fabric scissors and kitchen shears lose effectiveness when dull. Also, giving or getting a hair cut with dull scissors or thinning shears will be both undesirable and difficult. Most scissors and shears can be sharpened for a decent rate.
  • Office products - Items like table-top paper cutters, office scissors and paper shredders also need regular sharpening to maintain working blades.

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