Parking Area lots Maintenance & Marking in 25873 Zip Code
Important Parking Lot Maintenance Terms
Parking lots can be an excellent investment if they are well maintained. Parking area maintenance professionals help keep lots in good shape and repair any problem areas. The following are some useful terms to know when discussing your needs with a parking lot maintenance contractor:

Asphalt Paving: Asphalt paving results in a flat, even road surface for your parking lot. First, hot asphalt is poured over an area. A roller vehicle is then used to pave the asphalt, creating smooth blacktop. Paving is completed on new lots or used to completely redo old ones.

Seal Coating: Seal coating asphalt protects it from the harmful effects of the weather. A seal coat makes asphalt more water resistant and improves surface traction on the pavement. Seal coating a parking area is a good preventative maintenance to repeat every few years.

Striping and Marking: Striping a parking lot is the process of removing the painted lines used to designate parking spaces. Marking is the process of painting new lines on a lot. Parking facilities are stripped and marked because existing lines have been partially worn away or because spots are being moved.

Patching: Patching is a type of maintenance preformed on asphalt surfaces to repair potholes. Professional patching is typically done with hot asphalt, which is poured in the potholes and raked to even out the surface. Potholes can cause damage to cars and make it difficult to drive through a parking lot. Patching them quickly is an important part of maintenance.

Crack Sealing: When asphalt begins to crack, it is important to make repairs immediately to prevent the cracks from spreading. Cracks allow water in and weed growth. A maintenance professional will clean and fill cracks in your parking lot to protect your property.

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