Semiconductor Manufacturers Equipment & Supplies in 25836 Zip Code
Types of Semiconductor Manufacturers Equipment & Supplies

There are certain supplies and equipment that semiconductor manufacturers make for use in computers and other electronic devices. Semiconductors, solid crystalline substances like germanium or silicon that use electrical conductivity, act as insulators and base materials. There are many types of semiconductors, from diodes and transistors to uncooled and oxide. They can comprise microprocessor chips, microelectronics, vox platforms, and bolometers. Get the tools, equipment, parts, devices, and supplies you need for your company utilizing the kind of semiconductors you need.

  • Silicon – An ideal semiconductor, silicon comprises most semiconductor chips and transistors.
  • Transistor – These devices are created with silicon, including bipolar junction transistors and power transistors.
  • Diode – In particular, a semiconductor diode is a common type, made up of a crystalline piece of material joined to two electrical terminals. There are many different types of diode, such as light emitting diode and silicon controlled rectifiers.
  • Infrared – Infrared illumination lights up the inside of semiconductor devices. A special sensitive camera can record and observe.
  • High Speed Fuses – High speed semiconductor fuses protect devices from over-currents. Many manufacturers offer a variety of different brands, sizes, and types, including square body.
  • Microelectronics – This is a branch of electronics that involves miniature electronic components.
  • Antimonide – A type of semiconductor containing antimony, a toxic chemical element among metalloids. From medical uses and enamel production in ceramics to the manufacture of semiconductors in the industry of electronics, antimonide is used in several applications.
  • Microbolometer - A type of bolometer used in detection of thermal cameras. This type of bolometer does not need cooling.

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