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Types of Cables

Professional cable manufacturers make cables designed to suit a specific function. Although some professionally manufactured cables can cost more than the materials themselves are worth, making one's own cables is ill-advised and the consequences can prove disastrous. Whether used to carry electric currents to power personal devices within the home, or to carry an internet or television signal to those devices, cables keep our world running.

  • Electrical Cables - Electrical cables are used to carry electric currents. These cables usually consist of twisted or braided wires that are contained within an outer sheath. They are suppliers of power.
  • Optical Fiber Cables - Made up of one or more optical fibers that are individually coated in plastic. Optical fibers are individual strands of glass that are used to transport light from one end of the fiber to the other. The outside jacket of an optical fiber cable depends largely on the intended use. Optical fiber cables can be used to transport audio, video, or internet signals. The signal is theoretically strong, however it can be compromised by microscopic flaws that occur during the manufacturing process.
  • Coaxial Cable - A coaxial cable starts with a copper core that is insulated by an inner tube, then wrapped in a conductive woven copper shield. The whole thing is housed within a plastic sheath. Coaxial cables are used to carry audio signals and are especially useful in picking up lower frequencies that make it suitable for radio. It is also used commonly to carry television signals.
  • Ribbon Cable - Ribbon cables are composed of many conducting wires that are assembled together and run parallel to one another, making the composite cable very wide and flat. As a result, they are often referred to as multi-wire planar cables. These cables are used commonly within computer systems and computer peripherals.

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