Animal Shelters in 20755 Zip Code
Types of Animal Shelters

Are you interested in adopting a pet of your own? Most cities boast animal shelters that can help pair families with the perfect puppies or kitties. The Humane Society is one of the most well known, however, there are quite a few kinds of shelters you can choose from.

  • Traditional – These are usually privately owned non-profit organizations, such as the Humane Society. They care for any creature that arrives at their door. Some are contracted by the local government to handle the care of strays as well as animal control for the area.
  • Municipal – A government-ran shelter that is paid for by tax dollars. To keep their funding, they cannot refuse any animals. Their services can be limited to just a city or be expanded to include an entire county.
  • Balanced Population – Some consider these the animal shelters of the future. They also agree to take in any animals that are in need of love and care. There different between this type and the other kinds is that they are opened in regions that reached a balanced population of companion animals, like puppies, so there is no need to euthanize strays.
  • Limited Admission – Another private non-profit organization, this type does not euthanize animals because of overcrowding. To avoid doing this, they limit the number of animals they take in.
  • Sanctuaries – These offer care and housing to mainly large animals, ones that cannot be adopted, or those with special needs. They are all non-profit and privately owned.
  • Rescues – Private organizations that specialize in fostering and arranging adoptions for a specific type of animal or breed. Rescues are mainly worked by volunteers and only taken in a few animals at a time.

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    If you're looking to adopt a pet and give it a warm and loving home, our members offer a wide variety of animals to choose from. Providing all breeds with a home from our animal shelters.
    8700 Chestnut Ave
    Bowie, MD 20720
    550 Crescent Rd
    Greenbelt, MD 20770
    8556 Davis Rd
    Columbia, MD 21045
    3904 Rhode Island Ave
    Brentwood, MD 20722
    301 Stockholm St
    Baltimore, MD 21230
    314 Carroll St NW
    Washington, DC 20012
    71 Oglethorpe St NW
    Washington, DC 20011
    6230 3rd St NW
    Washington, DC 20011
    1201 New York Ave NE
    Washington, DC 20002
    1815 Bay Ridge Ave
    Annapolis, MD 21403
    7100 Rutherford Road
    Baltimore, MD 21244
    7920 Norfolk Ave Ste 600
    Bethesda, MD 20814
    1801 Belmont Rd NW
    Washington, DC 20009
    3300 Falls Rd
    Baltimore, MD 21211
    3418 Leverton Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21224
    888 16th St NW
    Washington, DC 20006
    2100 L St NW Ste 500
    Washington, DC 20037
    888 16th St NW
    Washington, DC 20006
    Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
    7315 Muncaster Mill Rd
    Derwood, MD 20855
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