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Escort Service Frequently Asked Questions
Escort services provide companionship to both male and female clients who desire beautiful or handsome guests to accompany them to upscale functions, or just a fun night on the town. In addition to temporary dating services, these companies occasionally offer the services of professional models and exotic dancers that can be hired to perform at private parties. If you are considering using an escort service, then you might be interested in these answers to a few frequently asked questions:

Are escort services a form of prostitution?
Escort services provide temporary adult companionship. This can be in the form of a dinner date, an evening out dancing, conversation, massage, swimsuit or lingerie modeling and private dancing. Offering monetary compensation for sexual intercourse is illegal in the United States outside of registered Nevada brothels. While escort services offer adult, consensual companionship, any suggestion that sex is expected in exchange for money will cause termination of the service.

What should I expect from my escort?
Your escort will conduct him or herself in a courteous, professional and friendly manner, and will treat you with respect. Activities such as mature, adult conversation, erotic dancing or massage might be agreeable to your escort. Just make sure to treat your escort with respect, and do not attempt to do anything that makes him or her uncomfortable. If your escort enjoys him or herself, then it is highly likely that you will enjoy yourself.

Can I pay by credit card?
Most escort services will accept credit cards, and will charge your card discreetly.

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Philadelphia, PA 19191
Philadelphia, PA 19191
Philadelphia, PA 19191
Philadelphia, PA 19191
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