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Types of Beef Cuts Available from Meat Wholesalers

Local butchers and meat markets offer many options for dinner. Beef, poultry, and pork are very popular. Some suppliers offer fresh seafood like salmon and other fish. Following is a guide to beef cuts to help you on your next visit to the butcher or market.

  • Chuck cut – The chuck cut begins at the neck and includes meat through the fifth rib. The upper arms and shoulders are also part of the chuck cut. Like some poultry, these cuts are tougher but very flavorful, so they are popular in recipes that call for slow cooking.
  • Rib cut – The rib cut only includes half of the ribs, starting below the chuck cut. As with pork ribs, beef ribs are popularly grilled or roasted.
  • Short loin – The short loin is below the rib cut and includes the bottom rib and part of the back. Short lions are tender but not as flavorful because they are very lean. Many of the more gourmet cuts are from this section, including the New York Strip steak and filet mignon.
  • Sirloin – The sirloin is lower on the back than the short loin and includes the animal’s hips. Sirloin cuts are firmer than short loin cuts but are more flavorful. In addition to grilled, sirloin is popularly fried and roasted. Top boneless sirloin steak is one of the most commonly available steaks.
  • Round – Round cuts include the rear of the animal and the top of the back legs. Round cuts contain very little fat, so cooking the meat slowly and keeping it moist are important.
  • Brisket – The brisket includes breast meat, the lower parts of some of the ribs, and often the tops of the front legs. The plate and flank are often grouped in with brisket. Pastrami and corned beef come from these portions.

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