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Not every attorney specializes in the same field of law. There are some who have a broad general practice and handle many different types of cases. However, it is very common nowadays for practitioners to focus on one area. For example, a firm that handles mainly family-related matters might not be able to assist you if you needed a criminal defense. Also keep in mind that although the term solicitor used to be common in the U.S., now the term is rarely used when referring to a private practice attorney. However, in some states a government lawyer might still be called a solicitor. Here are a few different legal specialties.

  • Family - This type of lawyer handles domestic matters, which include things like prenuptial agreements, marital separation, and spousal support.
  • Personal injury - This type of law firm handles cases for those who claim to have been hurt by the fault of someone else. For example, it would handle legal claims related to a car accident, a dog bite, or a claim of injury resulting from a defective consumer product.
  • Criminal defense - Criminal defense lawyers defend those who have been charged with a crime. Some focus on certain types of cases, for example charges involving driving under the influence, homicide, or theft.
  • Bankruptcy - If you are considering filing for personal bankruptcy, this type of specialist can assess whether declaring bankruptcy is the best option for you, and if so will handle all the proceedings on your behalf and may even provide advice on recovering your credit.

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    Quality attorneys in 18091 are available to provide quality representation. Our lawyers in 18091 zip code consider all dimensions of client matters to promote an effective use of legal processes.
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