Passport & Visa Photos in 17067 Zip Code
How To Take Passport and Visa Photos

When you apply for a new passport or visa, whether for travel or other purposes, you must provide a picture of yourself that fits to specifications. You can have the photo taken at a center that offers such services, or you can choose to have the photo taken yourself. If you're renewing a passport or visa, these photo requirements may not apply.

  • The first thing to do when obtaining a passport or visa is to review the specific photo requirements. For non-immigrant passports and visas, the photograph must be a clear, forward-facing picture of your face. There are certain requirements for the size of your head. The photo must include your full face, be in front of a white or off-white background, and show you in normal or non-uniform clothing. For immigrant visas, two photos are required.
  • Locate a center where passport photo services are offered. Some document centers, public agencies, drug stores and other institutions offer these services for a small fee. They are equipped with the expertise to adhere to the photo requirements of both visas and passports. They will use a photo editor to make sure it fits the requirements.
  • Take the passport photo yourself, if desired. You can use a picture editor to make changes as needed. Photo editing software designed for passport photos are also available.
  • When you go to the passport or visa agency, make sure you have completely filled out the application and required forms. Bring the application and required items to the agency. If you are renewing a document, you may not need to bring a photo and can sometimes expedite the process by renewing through the mail.

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