Flowers Preserved in 15767 Zip Code
Frequently Asked Questions about Preserved Flowers
These frequently asked questions should help you decide whether you want to purchase or make your own preserved flowers:

How Should I Care for Preserved Flowers?
Preserved flowers are quite easy to care for. Most importantly, you should not touch the dried arrangements since oil from your skin could damage the petals. You should also try to keep them out of direct sunlight. This will help the orchids, roses, and other types of flowers retain their color. The preserved flowers will get dusty over time. You can remove the dust with a hair dryer set at a low, cold setting.

Where Can I Purchase Preserved Flowers?
Some florists have preserved and dry flowers for sale. You can visit them to explore their bouquets and individual stems. You can also order them from online companies that offer delivery to numerous locations. If you want to send them to someone for a wedding, birthday, or other special occasion, just make sure the company has a location in the recipient's area.

Can I Make My Own Preserved Flowers?
There are several ways to preserve flowers at home. Hanging lavender in a dry area for several weeks will cause all the moisture to leave the plant. You can then keep it for months or years. You can also turn flowers into keepsakes by pressing them in a book. If you have a journal or diary, try placing the petals in between the pages to add memorabilia to your writing. You can also freeze dry flowers at home, but doing so requires special equipment. Anyone interested in preserving flowers as a hobby, however, might find that the equipment a good investment for them.

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