Drive Shafts in 15666 Zip Code
Types of Drive Shafts

Drive shafts are an essential part of cars. They reach from a vehicle’s engine to the gears that move the wheels. Pistons in the engine churn, causing the drive shaft to turn, which creates torque. The torque is transferred to the gears and powers the wheels. The type of drive shaft depends on the vehicle.

  • Rear-Wheel Drive vehicles – These drive shafts are longer than in most other cars. There are two common drive shafts in these vehicles. One type has a single universal joint and the other has two or more. Typically, the transmission on these vehicles is located right on the engine. The drive shaft connects this system to the rear axle. There is another drive located at the rear. This setup prevents the drive shaft from moving when the car is not. In some sports cars, the drive shaft is located in the rear of the vehicle to better distribute weight.
  • Front-Wheel Drive Vehicles – Torque does not need to travel as far on front-wheel cars. Also, front wheels typically handle more of the suspension than rear wheels do. This drive shaft handles fluctuations in suspension by continuously powering the wheels. This process is called CV, or constant velocity. Due to these details, the drive shaft is usually a half shaft. One of these connects to each axle. Half shafts have a joint on both ends, allowing the vehicle to better handle shifts in weight.
  • Four-Wheel and All-Wheel Drive Vehicles – These drive shafts resemble front-wheel ones. The drive shaft is powered by and extends from a specially designed transfer case. This part separates the transmission from the axle drives. In lighter cars, the transmission and the axle drives may be located within one unit. CV is also a factor in these systems.

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