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How to Determine Pricing For Your Mowing Service

Proper lawn care and landscape design can help improve property values and deter break-ins. This includes planting grass seed, pulling weeds, and laying down turf. People with a green thumb also enjoy planting a variety of seeds in their garden and watching the plants blossom. If you want to start a landscape company to profit during the growing season, the following information can help you determine the appropriate amount to charge for your lanwnmower services.

  • Begin by designing an outline of the lawn you are going to mow. Divide the property into different shapes to make the following steps easier.
  • Calculate the area of each individual shape. For squares, multiple the width times its length. A triangle’s area is calculated by multiplying half the base by the height. Square the radius of a circle and then times it by Pi, or 3.14.
  • Add the area of all the shape’s together. This will give you the total square footage of the lawn.
  • Next, determine how many square feet you can mow in a hour. You can either create an estimate based on your past experience.
  • Divide the total square footage by how much you can mow in one hour. This will tell you how long it will take you to complete the job. Take care to add a break or two to stay hydrated under the hot summer sun.
  • Decide how much you want to make a hour. Multiple this rate by how many hours you need to finish the grass.
  • Calculate any additional expenses that you have such as gas for the mower, fuel to drive to the site, and pay for the works. Add the sum of those calculations to the total from the previous step. The number you get is how much you should charge the homeowner to cut their grass.

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