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Types of Ready Mixed Concrete

Ready mixed concrete is a durable building material that can be created in a variety of styles to suit the contractor's specific needs. The form of ready mixed concrete that works great for residential patio may not be the right one for a big commercial project. Other factors, such as air temperature, may also impact the aggregates used in concrete, particularly the water. Before you can decide which type of concrete or cement is right for your construction project, you have to know the differences between them. What follows is a brief look at the different types of concrete and cement.

  • Block - The traditional cement block is 8x8x16 inches and made from Portland cement aggregate and water. These can be purchased from almost any big box retailer.
  • Cement - This key ingredient of concrete is a mixture of sand, gravel and/or various types of clay.
  • Concrete - When a mason mixes aggregates, including cement and water, the result is concrete.
  • Portland Cement - This term refers to a specific mix of aggregates used to create a cement binder. This is not a brand name.
  • Precast Form - There are a number of factors, such as weather, which may make pouring concrete or cement difficult. In these cases, the concrete is poured into premade molds at a factory and shipped to the job site. Precast forms are especially useful for building and repair jobs that take place in remote locations with limited water supplies.
  • Slab - Concrete that is poured onto a flat surface is referred to as a slab. Masons use slabs for building foundations and patios. They are sometimes reinforced with steel for extra strength.

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