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Items Popularly Sold By Pawnbrokers

Pawn shops are popular with people looking to exchange goods for cash. Pawnbrokers often work as either individuals or a small business which buys and sells used items as well as offers secured loans. Because pawn traders accept personal things in exchange for loans, a person’s credit will not be hurt if they do not pay back the loan. However, if the loan isn’t paid the broker keeps the personal property to sell. Pawn shops are in most towns as well as online. Most pawn dealers do not offer full value for items simply because they are operating a business and are making money for themselves as well as providing a service. Here are the different types of items that pawn brokers typically buy and sell in retail and online pawn shops.

  • Jewelry – Jewelry is popular at pawn shops, and pieces often include rings, watches, diamonds and more. Many people who are shopping for jewelry also visit pawn shops for good prices on used goods.
  • Electronics – Electronics are also popularly sold second hand because of the large market for used electronics. Cameras, MP3 music plays, stereos and more are often bought and sold by pawn dealers.
  • Sporting Goods – Sporting goods including snowboards, hockey gear, foosball tables, roller blades and more can be purchased and sold at pawn brokers. Some shops specialize in buying and selling baseball cards as well.
  • Gold and Silver – Some pawn shops specialize in buying and selling different pieces of gold and silver in many different forms. Gold and silver are normally found in jewelry, however there are other forms as well such as teeth fillings and more that can be traded for cash.

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    948 5th Ave
    Coraopolis, PA 15108
    401 Home Dr
    Pittsburgh, PA 15275
    503 E Ohio St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15212
    413 Smithfield St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15222
    3140 Main St
    Weirton, WV 26062
    261 Penco Rd
    Weirton, WV 26062
    2548 Brownsville Rd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15210
    156 Carolina Ave
    Chester, WV 26034
    3550 Saw Mill Run Blvd
    Pittsburgh, PA 15227
    703 Main St
    Follansbee, WV 26037
    6490 Frankstown Ave
    Pittsburgh, PA 15206
    2134 Sunset Blvd
    Steubenville, OH 43952
    159 N Main St
    Washington, PA 15301
    189 N 4th St
    Steubenville, OH 43952
    233 E 8th Ave
    Homestead, PA 15120
    1020 7th Ave
    Beaver Falls, PA 15010
    618 South Ave
    Pittsburgh, PA 15221
    635 Braddock Ave
    Braddock, PA 15104
    1000 Duquesne Blvd
    Duquesne, PA 15110
    100 Westinghouse Ave
    North Versailles, PA 15137
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