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Recycling Equipment and Services Terminology
With greener initiatives becoming on trend, the recycling industry is now big business. If you are thinking of getting into the field, or simply want to learn more about recycling equipment and services, the following terms and definitions may be useful:

Bale: In the world of recycling, a bale is not a block of hay, but a cube of compacted and processed material. Often plastics and metal are cubed, and this is done so in an effort to reduce both transportation costs and overall volume. Sometimes bales are held together with plastic or metal twine.

Corrugated: The term corrugated is seen frequently in the field of recycling. It often refers to either corrugated cardboard or corrugated aluminum. The term itself simply means that the material has been shaped into a series of peaks and valleys, or folds. This is done to increase the strength and usefulness of the material.

Materials recovery facility: When recycled items are disposed of and collected by a waste management company, they are taken to a materials recovery facility, or MRF. This is where mixed recyclables are separated into groups of paper, plastic, and metal. From there, they can be compacted and shipped for sale or reprocessing.

Special wastes: Any type of recyclable material that does not fall into the above mentioned three categories requires special handling. These special wastes often need to be processed separately, and include things like tires and motor oil

Waste Stream: Those interested in the recycling industry use this term to describe the life cycle of an item from the moment it is fabricated to the moment it is thrown away.

From paper to metals and plastics, learn more about how you can recycle more and improve pollution across the nation through our association. Dedicated to empowering households and businesses to recycle.
The National Recycling Coalition is comprised of organizations as well as industry professionals who are dedicated to recycling. Our initiatives make it easier for anyone to find a way to recycle.
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