Pies in 15108 Zip Code
Types of Pies

Pies are a type of food loved by many. The typical pie structure is a crust which is filled with a soupy filling, then topped with another layer of crust. Pies may be filled with savory ingredients or fruit, or they may even be a type of frozen desert. Family recipes for a favorite pie may be passed down through many generations.

  • Savory pies are a classic entree. They are typically filled with some combination of meat, such as chicken of beef, vegetables and gravy. Pot pies are classic comfort food. Single-serving pot pies are common, though they can be scaled up for a larger group. These types of pies may be found in restaurants, or bought frozen. They can also be prepared at home.
  • Fruit pies are a classic dessert item. These pies may be filed with anything from tart cherry to pumpkin. Fruit tarts are a popular single-serving spin on pies. Some types of fruit pies are popular with American holidays. Apple pie is often associated with the Fourth of July, and pumpkin pie is a traditional Thanksgiving dessert. Many state fairs have pie contests, where the best recipe wins.
  • Ice cream pies are another popular type of dessert. These dishes are similar to ice cream cakes, though their layers more closely resemble those of traditional pies. The crust may be made out of graham cracker or chocolate. Frozen dessert pies can be found at many gourmet ice cream shops, or even the occasional bakery.

    Pies are a delicious, popular type of food. They may have a filling of savory ingredients, fruit, or ice cream. From chicken pot pies to apple pies, they can be well-suited for many occasions.

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