Coal & Coke Wholesale in 14905 Zip Code
Types of Wholesale Coal and Coke

Energy supplies, fossil fuels and other natural resources are expensive and much sought after commodities. Large business and manufacturers are extremely interested in finding new energy sources that can fuel the next generation of technology, without destroying the environment. One mineral that's plentiful and can has an abundance of uses, is coal. Coal and its accompanying byproducts, like coke, are widely available in most countries and they can be much easier to find than fossil fuels. Energy sources that can be mined conveniently right in our own backyards, like coal, provides safe energy sources that are priced at an affordable cost and don't rely on foreign fossil fuel suppliers. The following details some of the common types of coal and its by products.

  • Anthracite - This high carbon count type of coal is valued for its purity. Anthracite was used for home heating until the 1950s and is now mostly used in industrial furnaces.
  • Coke - Coke is, basically, coal that has had most of its impurities burned off at very high temperatures. The resulting product is ideal for use in industrial furnaces and smelts, because it produces very little smoke and pollution. In some ways, coke is to coal what charcoal is to wood. Coke is also priced for a relatively affordable cost.
  • Lignite - Lignite is the least pure form of coal and is sometimes referred to as brown coal. It's extremely soft and has a very low carbon count. But lignite is plentiful and powers the majority of the power plants where it fuels steam electric generation facilities.

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