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How to Pursue a Wrongful Termination Case

Were you recently fired from a job without any justifiable grounds? You may be able to sue the firm for wrongful termination depending on the circumstances surrounding your dismissal. Below are the three steps you should take to when pursuing such a legal case.

  • Determine if you were truly wrongfully terminated. Ask yourself the following questions: Were you discriminated against? If so, what aspects of your life did your previous employer have a problem with? Were you being harassed, either sexually, emotionally, or physically? Did your refusal to break the law lead to your dismissal? If the answer was yes to any of these questions, you may have grounds for a legal case against the company. The federal and state governments protect an individual from being discriminated against because of their gender, race, nationality, or religion. They also banned harassment of any kind and coercion to commit legal acts from the workplace.
  • Request copies of all disciplinary actions taken during your employment at the business. These documents should dated and include details of any write-ups you received, complaints from coworkers or management, as well as the papers describing the incident that led to you being terminated. Each paper should be signed by a supervisor before being handed over to you.
  • Choose an attorney to represent you in court. The state labor department or employment office in your area can provide you with references of trustworthy lawyers in your locale. Many law firms will waive upfront fees for wrongfully termination cases that appear open and shut, allowing you to pay them from the settlement you receive. Once you have hired an attorney, do not have any contact whatsoever with your previous employer without your legal counsel present. Doing so can put your entire case at risk.

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