Refrigerators & Freezers Service repair in 14615 Zip Code
Tips on How to Choose Service Repairs for Refrigerators and Freezers
Before hiring a repair professional for your refrigerator or freezer, read the following tips to help you decide which option matches your needs best:

Tip #1: Choose a Repair Professional Who Has Experience with Commercial and Residential Appliances
Just because a repair professional knows how to fix fridges typically used in home kitchens does not necessarily mean that person knows how to repair commercial appliances. While these appliances rely on the same basic technologies, identifying malfunctions and installing parts can require different levels of skill.

Tip #2: Ask the Repair Business for an Itemized Price Quote
Getting price quotes from several repair professionals will help you choose an affordable way to fix your kitchen appliances. In some cases, though, it helps to have itemized quotes. Itemized quotes should show you the cost of repair parts and the cost of the service. You might find that you can purchase a replacement part at a much lower rate. That means you could potentially save money by hiring someone to install the part that you bought on your own. Without the itemized quote, though, you don't know which option is best.

Tip #3: Request Professional References
A good price does not always equal good service. Before hiring anyone to repair or service your kitchen appliances, ask the businesses to give you professional references. That way, you can contact their other clients to learn more about the company. You might learn that a former client's freezer continued to leak after the repairs were done, or you might learn that the repair professional replaced the right parts quickly. Either way, you need this information to choose a reliable option.

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