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Types Of Ladders

People use ladders every day to complete certain tasks and handle home improvement jobs in attics and on rooftops. Commercial and residential construction professionals utilize different types of wooden and aluminum ladders on work sites as well. After all, these devices provide a safe method of reaching high levels and platforms. As you may know, there are different types of ladders that are used in different settings and for different tasks. Below you will find a list of some different types of aluminum and wooden units that are commonly needed.

  • Scaffold – Unlike a traditional ladder that provides simple extension, a scaffold is a platform that is attached to the side of a building or structure. These units are often built from wood and metal. Scaffolds are used by painters, construction workers, and even window cleaners.
  • Articulated Ladder – This unique piece of equipment can be transformed into a few different devices in order to suit different needs. This includes a step ladder, scaffolding, and a straight ladder. This aluminum or fiberglass device has joints and hinges that allow it to be adjusted. It also has locks that secure it into place for safe use in attics, garages, or on building exteriors.
  • Platform Ladder – Often used by painters and electricians, this unit allows workers to rest at the top on a platform with tools and supplies. There are two types available. While one platform ladder has a single ladder, the other has two ladders with a platform in between them.
  • Rolling Ladders – These extension devices are often used by operators in warehouses. After all, this type of device has wheels at the base for easy maneuvering from one shelf to another. So, once you reach the step or height you need, it is easy to pull yourself along.

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