Laboratory Equipment & Supplies in 11427 Zip Code
Types of Laboratory Equipment and Supplies

Whether for a school chemistry lab, hospital lab, or scientific research center, there are laboratory equipment and supplies dealers that can help keep you stocked with equipment. Here are some of the used and new equipment sold by a laboratory and equipment supplies dealer.

  • Beakers - For scientific experiments or chemical reactions, beakers are essential. Beakers come in several shapes and sizes, depending on your test or experiment. Beakers are made of shatterproof, tempered glass. This means they can be heated directly without damage.
  • Microscopes - Microscopes are another lab essential. Optical, electron, and scanning microscopes are just some of the options available for your experiments.
  • Slides and Tubes - The collection of samples also requires special supplies. Slides are used in order to view items safely under a microscope. Tubes are used in hospital settings for blood collection, among other things.
  • Centrifuge - Centrifuges are another common piece of equipment in a chemistry or medical lab. This device is used to separate out materials within a single liquid or other substance. Tabletop models are common in hospitals.
  • Safety Equipment - Chemical experiments require many safety precautions. Items such as safety goggles, gloves, and lab coats can be purchased by a laboratory equipment and supplies wholesaler.
  • Gases and Chemicals - Gases for running Bunsen burners and other equipment can also be purchased from such dealers. Other chemicals such as formaldehyde and sanitizing supplies are available wholesale as well.
  • Measuring Apparatus - Scales, meters, and electrochemical equipment also available for purchase through a laboratory equipment and supplies dealer.

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