Martial Arts Instruction in 11375 Zip Code
Frequently Asked Questions About Martial Arts Instruction
The following questions are commonly asked about martial arts instruction:

What types of martial arts are appropriate for children?
Practicing martial arts is beneficial for children because it teaches them discipline while providing an outlet for their energy. A good introductory martial arts program would be karate, which is a Japanese martial art. Karate focuses more on defense, and it is less intense than physical programs like jiujitsu which involves throwing opponents onto the ground. Plus, karate also teach discipline and respect. Children also like earning the different karate belts as their skills improve, which makes them focus on their classes.

What kind of classes should I take for self-defense?
Any martial art instruction will teach you the basics of self-defense and show you how to disarm an opponent. However, choosing which one is best for you depends on your body type. Men may prefer the heavy-handed jiujitsu techniques, or boxing. Women could get the most of out of Krav Maga. Krav Maga teaches strategies for smaller opponents to overwhelm larger ones, but it is also extremely physical and intense. Brazilian jiujitsu is also popular among women.

Is there a difference between jiujitsu and Brazilian jiujitsu?
If you have ever watched ultimate fighting, then you’ve heard of Brazilian jiujitsu. Traditional jiujitsu was the fighting form of the Japanese Samurai. It includes takedowns, sweeps, and ground fighting. Brazilian jiujitsu, an offshoot of traditional jiujitsu, teaches ground fighting above all else. Instead of focusing on strength, Brazilian jiujitsu reworks traditional moves to focus on leverage so that a smaller fighter can take down a larger one.

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