Notary Publics in 11235 Zip Code
Types of Services Provided By Public Notaries

Since the time of the Roman Empire, the public notary has been acting as an official witness to the authenticity of documents across the world. This holdover of Common Law is especially important in the electronic age where official acknowledgment of documents like bank loans and wills is especially important. In the United States, a public notary usually receives his or her seal from the State Government and is usually done a side business. If you're not sure whether or not you need the services of a notary public for your own financial documents, here is a list of the services they provide and some services they don't provide.

  • Act as a witness. One of the notary public's core duties is to act as an official witness to legal acts and papers. A notary's stamp on a document is an official acknowledgment that an impartial witness observed the signing of financial papers or bank loans.
  • Screen the parties on a document. A notary makes certain that everyone who signs an affidavit or bank loan is there of their own free will. They verify identities and sometimes administer an oath that insures authenticity.
  • Come to your house to provide services. There are mobile notaries who will come to your home of business to provide services. Mobile notaries may charge extra for this extra effort.
  • Notaries are not lawyers. In some parts of the world, the public notary provides many of the same services as an attorney. This is not the case in the United States. In this country, the notary's main function is to act as witness to legal acts.

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    Brooklyn, NY 11238
    135 Clifton Pl
    Brooklyn, NY 11238
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